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Full text of "The Rosary devotions : a thought for every day in October, the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary of our Blessed Virgin Mother"

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A Thought for Every Day 


the month dedicated to the 






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1st Day — Introduction 

Luke 1/48 

- — -*'0 Blest for e'er" 

'2nd ** 

— The Rosary 

Lulie 1/28 

.'ird " 

— The Beads 

— Luke 1/50 

— "O Mary, my Mother," 

4tli " 

— The Creed 

Luke 1/85 

—"Daughter of God ' 

r»th *' 

• — Our Father 

Matt. 6/9 

— ''^lother, Mary at thino altsr' 

0th *' 

— Glorj' be 

Roni. 11/36 

. — '''lorious voice" 

Tth " 

— Pniyer to St. Joseph 

— Matt. 1/20 

— "Dear Guardian" 


— xiaii iMary 

Luke 1/42 

■ — "Ave Maria" 

;>th •* 

— The Mysteries 

Luke 1/46-7 

— •"Hail, heavenly queen" 


— Joyful Mysteries 

—Luke 1/35 

— "Motlier, dear" 


—The Annunciation 

—Luke 1/26^7 

— ''What mortal tongue" 

IJth " 

—The Visitation 

—Luke. 1/43 

— **Whither thus" 


—The Nativity 

—Luke 2/7 

— "Once in Royal David's City'* 

Htli '* 

— The Presentation 

—Luke 2/34 

— "In Simeon's arms" *' 

—The Finding 

—Luke 2/46 

— "0 Mother, dry those tears" 


—A Resume 

—Luke 2/51-2 

— "Now are the days" 

ITth " 

— Sorrowful Mysteries 

—Luke 2/49 

— "By the cross" 

isth " 

— The Agony 

—Luke 22/41,3 

— "O come unto the <llive Grove' 

1 mi " 

— The Scourging 

—Luke 23/22 
—Matt. 27/29 

— "Now watch with tearful" 


— Crowning with thorns 

— "Behold how Jews and" 

-1st " 

— Carriage of the Cross 

—John 19/17 

—"With Mary now we" 

-2nd " 

—The Crucifixion 

—Luke 23/33 

— "Stabat Mater" 

j:iid '* 

— A Review 

—Matt. 27/59-60 

— "What a sea of tears" 


— Glorious Mysteries 

—Luke 23/56 

—"Holy Queen we bow" 

L'nth " 

— The Resurrection 

—Matt. 28/2, 4. 

— ^"The day of days" 


— The Ascension 

—Luke 24/51 

— "And now the friends" 

27th " 

—Descent of the H G. 

-Acts 2/3 

—"A faithful band" 


—The Assumption 

—Rom. Br. 

— "Behold that open grave" 

29th - 

—The Coronation 

—Rom. Br. 

— "To welcome Mary" 


—A Summary 

—Luke 24/53 

— "O Mother blest" 

31fit " 

— Conclusion 

—Lit. B. V. M. 

— "Rose of the cross" 



A Thought for Every Day 


the month dedicated to the 




The thought suggested, consists of: — 

1 — An appropriate text of Holy Scripture; 

2 — A brief instruction; and 

3 — A familiar hymn. 



Georgetown University 
Washington, D. C. 

1st DAY 

'^Behold, from henceforth all generations shall call 
me blessed." Luke 1/48. 


Our Holy Mother, the Church, has set apart the month 
of October as the month of the Holy Rosary. The prophesy 
of Our Lady herself finds its most complete fulfilment in 
the daily devout recital of her little chaplet known as the 
beads. Men of every nation and tribe and tongue and 
generation repeat and reiterate the truth foretold in the 
prophesy, when they say of her "BLESSED ART THOU" 
in every recitation of the Hail Mary. It is an utterance 
easy to the tongue, familiar to the ear, soothing to the heart, 
comforting to the soul; and it comes to us hallowed by 
centuries of use by the clients of Our Lady, and especially 
approved and indulgenced by the most solemn decrees of 
the Catholic Church. Let us resolve to-day that our growth 
in devotion to the Rosary shall keep pace with the advance 
of the month of October. 


*'0 Blest for e'er the IMother 
And Virgin full of grace, 
Who bore our God, our Brother, 
The Savior of our race. 

Chorus : — 

''Sweet Jesus, low before Thee, 
We bend in fear and love, 
O grant we may adore Thee, 
In Thy bright realms above. 

''Pure as the light of heaven 
In meekness nearest Thee 
'Tis Thou hast Mary given 
Our guide, our friend to be." 

The Rosary Devotions 


2nd DAY 

"Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee." 

Luke 1/28. 


"The Rosary," says- the Roman Breviary, "is a certain 
form of prayer wherein we say fifteen decades or tens of 
Hail Marys with an Our Father between each ten, while at 
each of these fifteen decades we recall successively in pious 
meditation one of the mysteries of our redemption." (Cath. 
End., Art. ROSARY). Around the words of the Angel's 
salutation to Mary has been grouped the form of the rosary 
as approved and blessed by the Church, and familiar to us 
to-day. By the holy use of this vocal method of prayer a 
fuller knowledge of our Blessed Lady grows in our minds ; 
a deeper love penetrates our hearts ; and a keener desire to 
imitate her virtues inspires our souls. Progress in the 
knowledge, love and imitation of Mary Our Mother is the 
object sought by these October Devotions. 


"Hail Mary, Mother mild, 
O sweet, sweet Mother 
Hear, O hear, thy feeble child, 
O sweet, sweet Mother. 

Chorus : — 

"O exult, ye Cherubim ! 
And rejoice, ye Seraphim 
Praise her! praise her! 
O praise our spotless Mother. 

"Tossed on Hfe's tempestuous sea, 
O sweet, sweet Mother 
Cast thy tender eyes on me, 
O sweet, sweet Mother." 


The Rosary Devotions 

3rd DAY 

*'And His mercy is from generation to generation, 
to them that fear Him." Luke 1/50. 


That we may not grow weary with the undue length of 
the rosary, our Holy Mother the Church has seen to it that 
only a third of the rosary — five decades — shall be recited at 
any one time ; this division is known as the beads. Mary's 
youthful Joys, are expressed in the first five decades; the 
Sorrows of her maturity, in the second five ; and the 
Glorious rewards of her youthful joys borne with serenity, 
and the sorrows of her maturity sustained with resignation, 
are recorded in the final five. Thus we learn that Mary's 
life, like that of all faithful followers of her Divine Son, 
was the normal life that begins in gladness, progresses in 
sufifering, and closes in the eternal happiness of heaven. If 
we imitate her humility in our prosperity ; her submission in 
adversity ; we may rest assured that like hers our crown 
in heaven will be precious. 


Mary, my Mother, most lovely, most mild. 
Look down upon me a poor weak lowly child ; 
From the land of my exile I call upon thee. 
Then Mary, my Mother, look kindly on me ; 
Then Mary, my Mother, look kindly on me. 

If thou dost forsake me, ah! where shall I go, — 
My comfort and hope in this valley of woe? 
\\ hen the world and its dangers with terrors I see. 
Sweet hopes come to cheer me in thinking of thee ; 
Sweet hopes come to cheer me in thinking of thee. 

In sorrow, in darkness, be still at my side ; 
My light and my refuge, my helper and guide. 
Though snares should surround me, vet whv should 
^ I fear? 

1 know I am weak, but my Mother is near ! 
I know I am weak, but my Mother is near. 

The Rosary Devotions 

4th DAY 

"The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the 
power of the most High shall over-shadow thee." 

Luke 1/35. 


Long-standing custom has firmly established the practice 
of beginning the rosary with the Apostles Creed. And this 
is most fitting, for in that creed we assert our belief in the 
fundamental truths of our religion, and as it were, announce 
anew our steadfast and unhesitating adherence to the dogmas 
and doctrines declared by the infallible authority of the 
Apostles to be essential to salvation. This creed according 
to a pious belief was the first catechism of the church, a 
document drawn up and subscribed to by all the Apostles 
before their dispersion from Jerusalem, whence they went 
to teach all nations. Our Blessed Lady herself was present 
at the council which produced and promulgated this CREED, 
and aided by her advice and prayers in its construction. 
Let us repeat it with respect, with reverence and with great 
devotion as we begin the rosary. 


"Daughter of God the Father 

Virgin pure and mild ; 

1 venerate and love thee 
Accept me for thy child; 
My soul and all its powers 
I consecrate to thee; 

Chorus : — Be pleased most holy Mother, 
From sin to keep me free. 
Be pleased, most Holy Mother, 
To pray our Lord for me. 

''Mother of our Redeemer, 

Virgin, pure and mild, 

1 venerate and love thee 
Accept me for thy child ; 
My body and its senses 

I consecrate to thee: — Chorus: 


The Rosary Devotions 

5th DAY 

"You therefore shall pray in this manner : Our 
Feather Who art in heaven." Matt. 6/9. 


The Our Father — often called ''The Lord's Prayer" — has 
come to us from the divine Hps of Jesus Himself. He 
taught it publicly to the multitude who listened to His 
Sermon on the Alount, and privately to His Apostles when 
they asked Him to teach them how to pray. In the brief 
compass of fifty-six words are incorporated the threefold 
purpose of all prayer, namely, praise, thanksgiving and pe- 
tition. In the recitation of the Holy Rosary we repeat the 
Our Father at the beginning of every decade. How mar- 
velously fitting it is that the prayer of her Divine Son 
should begin each decade of our Blessed Lady's chaplet ! 
Let us strive to say the Our Father with the love and delight 
with which Our Lady said it! 


''Mother, Mary, at thine altar 
We thy loving children kneel; 
With a faith that cannot falter 
To thy gocrdness we appeal. 
We are seeking for a mother 
O'er the earth so waste and wide. 
And from oflf the cross our Brother 
Points to Mary by His side. 

''Thou wilt love us, thou wilt guide us, 
With a mother's fondest care; 
And Our Father, God above us, 
Bids us fly for refuge there. 
Life's temptations are before us, 
We must mingle in the strife. 
If thy fondness watch not o'er us 
All unsafe will be our life." 

The Rosary Devotions 


6th DAY 

"For of Him, and by Him, and in Him are all 
things; to Him be glory for ever. Amen/' 

St. Paul, Rom. 11/36. 


This is the prayer known as the doxology. It is a short 
verse praising God, used since about the seventh century 
all over Western Christendom in the form in which we know 
it to-day. It is commonly called the lesser doxology. The 
greater doxology is the ''Gloria in excelsis Deo" in the 
Mass. In the Rosary the ''Glory be to the Father'' is as it 
were a bond linking together the prayers of the rosary, or 
a transition from the oft repeated "Hail Mary" to the less 
often said "Our Father." It is essentially a prayer of 
praise, and as such is most appropriately incorporated in 
the little chaplet of Our Lady's rosary. 


"A glorious voice sounds through the night, 
And chides the darkness into light; 
The mists of sleep are driven afar, 
And Christ shines forth, the morning star. 

"Now from its torpor leaps the mind. 
And leaves all taint of earth behind ; 
The new-born Planet flames on high. 
And bids all care and sorrow fly." 


The Rosary Devotions 

7th DAY 

^'Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee, 
Mary thy wife ; for that which is conceived in her, 
is of the Holy Ghost." Matt. 1/20. 


By order of the Supreme Pontifif the "Prayer to St. 
Joseph" is to be recited daily during the October Devotions 
in honor of Our Lady. St. Joseph was Mary's unfailing 
protector in life, and it would be an unpardonable slight to 
him were we to appeal to Mary and exclude St. Joseph ! 
Were such exclusion deliberate we should certainly fail to 
obtain Mary's aid; for a slight to him is an ofifense to his 
immaculate spouse. They shared each other's joys and suf- 
ferings in life, and they are to-day sharing each other's 
triumphs and glories in heaven. They are one in mind and 
heart and victory, and they are not to be separated in our 
petitions and prayers. 


*'Dear Guardian of Mary! dear nurse of her child! 
Life's ways are full weary, the desert is wild; 
Bleak sands are all round us, no home can we see ; 
Sweet Spouse of our Lady ! we lean upon thee. 

'Tor thou to the pilgrim art father and guide. 
And Jesus and Mary felt safe at thy side; 
Ah ! blessed St. Joseph, how safe should I be, 
Sweet spouse of our Lady! if thou wert with me! 

"O blessed St. Joseph ! how great was thy worth ; 
The one chosen shadow of God upon earth ; 
The Father of Jesus — ah ! then wilt thou be. 
Sweet spouse of our Lady! a father to me?" 

The Rosary Dci'otious 


8th DAY 

"Blessed art thou among women; and blessed is 
the fruit of thy womb/' Luke 1/42. 


The Hail ]\Iary consists of the utterances of the Angel,, 
of St. Elizabeth, and of the Church. By the Angel Mary 
is told that she possesses the plenitude of grace and is to be 
the mother of the Redeemer : by St. Elizabeth the prophesy 
is made that Mary shall be blessed among women, and 
blessed is the fruit of her womb; and the Church adds the 
petition to Mary to pray for us. Thus did Angel, Prophetess 
and Church unite in formulating for us this most simple, 
and most familiar of all prayers — the Hail Mary. 


Gounod's — "Ave Maria, 
Gratia plena, 
Dominus tecum, 
Benedicta tu 
In mulieribus 
Et benedictus 
Fructus ventris 
Tui, Jesus. 
Sancta ]\Iaria 
Mater DEI 
Ora pro nobis 
Nunc, et in hora 
Mortis nostrse. Amen." 


The Rosary Devotions 

9th DAY 

''My soul doth magnify the Lord; and my spirit 
hath rejoiced in God my Savior/' Luke 1/46-47. 


Each decade of the rosary commemorates a particular 
event called a mystery in Mary's existence. And while 
saying the rosary we should devoutly meditate upon the 
event suggested by these mysteries. The Joyful Mysteries 
cluster about the happy motherhood of Mary ; the Sorrowful 
Mysteries present her to us as the Co-Redemptrix of our 
fallen race; while the Glorious Mysteries relate the reward 
and triumph that is hers for all eternity. Hers was the 
privilege to bring the Savior of mankind into the world; to 
share with Him by sympathy and by suffering His sacred 
passion and death ; and finally to be placed by Him on the 
exalted throne in heaven where for all eternity she reigns 
Queen of Angels and of men. With the contemplation of 
these mysteries before us the recitation of the rosary must 
ever grow dearer and sweeter and more and more sublime. 


''Hail, heavenly Queen! Hail, foamy ocean star! 
O be our guide, diffuse thy beams afar; 
Hail, Mother of God ! above all virgins blest, 
Hail, happy gate of heav'n's eternal rest. 

"Hail, foamy ocean star! Hail, heav'nly Queen! 
O be our guide to endless joys unseen. 

"Hail, full of grace, with Gabriel we repeat ; 
Thee, Queen of heav'n, from him we learn to greet; 
Then give us peace which heav'n alone can give. 
And dead thro' Eve, thro' Mary let us live." 

The Rosary Devotions 


10th DAY 

*'And therefore also the Holy which shall be born 
of thee, shall be called the Son of God/' Luke 1/35. 


While reciting the first five decades of the rosary our 
Holy Mother the Church asks us to contemplate in succes- 
sion the gladness and joy that thrilled Mary as she realized 
the privilege of her marvelous and sacred motherhood of the 
Holy One, promised of old as the Redeemer of mankind! 
The holy rapture and sacred ecstacy that accompanied every 
episode from the Annunciation to the Finding in the Temple 
prepared and strengthened Mary for the desolation and 
'^sword of grief" that later was to pierce her soul. Con- 
templation of these sacred mysteries strengthens our trust 
in Mary and secures us against the danger of presumption 
when we are blessed with spiritual joy and consolation. 
Mary accepted her joys with serenity, ours should be 
accepted with gratitude and humility. 


''Mother dear, O! pray for me, 

Whilst far from heaven and thee 

I wander in a fragile bark. 

O'er life's tempestuous sea; 

O Virgin Mother, from thy throne, 

So bright in bliss above. 

Protect thy child and cheer my path 

With thy sweet smile of love. 

Chorus: — ''Mother dear, remember me 
And never cease thy care 
'Till in heaven eternally. 
Thy love and bliss I share. 

"Mother dear, O! pray for me 

Should pleasure's siren lay 

E'er tempt thy child to wander far 

From Virtue's path away; 

When thorns beset life's devious way 

And darkling waters flow, 

Then Mary, aid thy weeping child, 

Thyself a mother show." 


The Rosary Devotions 

11th DAY 

"And in the sixth month the Angel Gabriel was 
sent from God into a city of Galilee called Naza- 
reth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was 
Joseph, of the house of David ; and the name of 
the \'irgin was Mary." Luke 1/26-27. 


It requires but a slight effort of the imagination to picture 
this beautiful scene. The Angel sent from God stands be- 
fore Mary who is kneeling in prayer. Their eyes meet, the 
message is delivered, and the holy rapture of both messenger 
and recipient glows on the countenance of each. The re- 
demption of fallen man is secured and sealed by the reply 
of Mary: — "Be it done unto me according to thy word." 
With this scene clearly visualized in our minds how can we 
ever tire of repeating over and over again the ever refresh- 
ing inspiration expressed in the divinely thrilling phrases of 
the Haily Mary! 


"What mortal tongue can sing thy praise, 

Dear Mother of the Lord? 

To Angels only it belongs 

Thy glory to record. 

Who born of man can penetrate 

Thy soul's majestic shrine? 

Who can thy mighty gifts unfold, 

Or rightly them divine? 

"Say, Mrgin, what sweet force was that 

Which from the Father's breast. 

Drew forth His co-eternal Son, 

To be thy bosom's guest? 

'Twas not thy guileless faith alone 

That lifted thee so high, 

'Twas not thy pure seraphic love 

Xor peerless chastity." 

The Rosary Devotions 


12th DAY 

''And whence is this to me that the Mother of My 
Lord should come to me?'' Luke 1/43. 


As we picture the meeting of St. Elizabeth and our 
Blessed Lady we must be deeply impressed with the unselfish 
charity of our Mother Mary ! The most unique gift granted 
by God to mortal woman was now possessed by Mary, the 
most sublime of all dignity is hers. After a thanksgiving 
of unparalleled fervor Mary . promptly sets out on a visit 
of charity and felicitation to the expectant mother of John 
the Baptist. Not Mary, but Heaven reveals to St. Elizabeth 
the truth that Mary is the Mother of God! Mary had 
come to diffuse her kindly aid and sweet benediction upon 
Elizabeth, not to parade her own unapproachable excellence. 
Her humility shrank from the latter, her charity prompted 
the former. 


''Whither thus in holy rapture 
Princely Maiden art thou bent? 
Why so fleetly art thou speeding 
Up the mountain's rough ascent? 
Filled with the eternal God-head 
Glowing with the Spirit's flame ! 
Love it is that bears thee forward. 
And supports thy tender frame. 

"Lo ! thine aged cousin claims thee 
Claims thy sympathy and care ; 
God her shame from her hath taken; 
He hath heard her fervent prayer. 
Blessed Mother! joyful meeting! 
Thou in her, the hand of God, 
She in thee, with lips inspired 
Owns the "Mother of her Lord." 


The Rosary Devotions 

13th DAY 

''And she brought forth her first-born son, and 
wrapped him up in swaddling clothes, and laid him 
in a manger ; because there was no room for them 
in the inn." Luke 2/7. 


The picture of Mary and Joseph kneeling in adoration 
and the ox and ass lending the warmth of their breath to 
comfort the new born Babe of Bethlehem can never fail to 
arouse within us the deepest emotions of gratitude and love 
towards the Infant Savior. The meekness and dependence 
of the Holy Infant awakens within us a heaven-born desire 
to aid and console His Mother and St. Joseph in their 
tender efforts to care for and protect Him. The cruelty of 
the inn which excluded them from its shelter stirs us to 
just indignation; but the gentleness and submission of Mary 
and Joseph elicit from us an act of faith and resignation. 
Not the grandeur of this world, but the unending bliss of 
heaven is the portion of those who adore at the crib of 


Once in Royal David's city, 
Stood a lonely cattle shed. 
Where a mother laid her baby. 
With a manger for his hed. 
Mary was that mother mild, 
Jesus Christ, her only child. 

He came down to earth from heaven, 
Who is God and Lord of all, 
And His shelter was a stable, 
And His cradle was a stall. 
With the poor and meek and lowly 
Lived on earth. Our Savior holy. 

The Rosary Devotions 


14th DAY 

"And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary His 
mother: behold this child is set for the ruin, and 
for the resurrection of many in Israel/' 

Luke 2/34. 


Let us concentrate our minds with ever increasing devo- 
tion upon the picture conjured up before our imaginations 
by the thought of the presentation of the Child Jesus in the 
temple! The holy old man Simeon is there to receive Him 
in his arms, and while fondling Him to his bosom, he gives 
utterance to the canticle: — ''Nunc dimittis'' — ''Now dost 
Thou dismiss thy servant, O Lord, according to Thy word, 
in peace/' Read the expression in Mary's eyes as she 
hopefully searches the countenance of Simeon eagerly but 
respectfully following his prophetic message, which she and 
Joseph treasure in their hearts and ponder over in their 
thoughts ! The life-long desire of Simeon's expectancy is 
gratified; the future greatness of the Child is foretold; the 
hearts of Mary and Joseph exult ; and as we tell our beads 
are not our own hearts touched with a tremor of holy and 
responsive emotion? 


"In Simeon's arms behold the Babe, 

Who rules both earth and skies ! 

On Mary's child, his promised Lord 

He rests his aged eyes. 

How long had waited, how long pray'd 

This bHssful day to see ! 

And now he asks to go in peace 

Where Jesus soon will be/' 


The Rosary Devotions 

15th DAY 

''And it came to pass that after three days they 
found Him in the Temple, sitting in the midst of 
the doctors, hearing them and answering them 
questions." Luke 2/46. 


As we recite the final decade of the JOYFUL mysteries 
our attention is arrested by the wonderful picture presented 
to our minds. There is the Boy — JESUS — surrounded by 
the learned doctors of sacred scripture. After their three 
days of weary and sorrowful search for Him, the ears of 
Joseph and Mary are blessed with the music of His voice 
answering w4th wisdom the questions of His seniors ; and 
their eyes are dififused with tears of gladness at the renewed 
vision of His divine face. If grief over His loss was 
bitter to the hearts of Joseph and Mary, with what refresh- 
ing sweetness has His Finding in. the Temple comforted 
them? The search w^as long and weary and sorrowful, 
the finding, replete with joy and comfort. 


''O Mother, dry those bitter tears! 

O Mother, grieve no more ! 

Thy Child, thy Jesus is not lost, 

That weary search is o'er; 

To do His Father's work, He chose 

Among the scribes to be ; 

P)Ut now returns to dwell for years 

W ith Joseph and with thee." 

Tlic Rosary Devotions 


16th DAY 

*'And He went down with them and came to 
Xazareth ; and was subject to them. And His 
mother kept all these words in her heart. And 
Jesus increased in wisdom and age and grace with 
God and men." Luke 2/'51-52. 


From the "Finding in the Temple" until the beginning of 
His public life — a period of about eighteen years — Jesus, 
]\Iary and Joseph dwelt happily together in the little home 
at Xazareth. Some time before the beginning of His public 
life His Fother-Father, St. Joseph, breathed out his soul 
while his head was pillowed on the breast of Jesus. And 
the last lingering gaze of his eyes beheld the sweet en- 
couragement of Clary's tearful countenance smiling upon 
him. During those years Mary and Joseph had pondered 
over the marvelous prophesies revealed to them, and that 
daily experience was unfolding before them. The joys of 
Clary's young motherhood were now over, except in the 
sacred memories they had traced upon her mind and heart, 
and with the departure of St. Joseph the "Shadow of the 
Cross that had lain athwart the crib of Bethlehem" began 
tc deepen and darken and to penetrate more closely the 
shelter of her home. 


^^Xow are the days of humblest pray 'r 
When consciences to CtocI lie bare, 
And mercy most delights to spare. 

Chorus: — hearken when we cry. 
Chastise us with Thy fear 
Yet, Father, in the multitude 
Of Thy compassions hear. 

' Xow is the season, wisely long. 
Of sadder thought and graver song 
When ailing hearts grow well and strong.'' 


The Rosary Devotions 

17th DAY 

''How is it that you sought Me? Did you not 
know, that I must be about the things that are My 
Father's?" Luke 2/49. 


Mary's keeping of ''all these words in her heart" had not 
been in vain. Her years of meditation and daily experience 
with her Divine Son had taught her that the great purpose 
of His earthly sojourn was to make atonement to His 
heavenly Father for the sins of mankind ; and in that atone- 
ment she was to be Co-Redemptrix. Pain and suffering 
and rejection and death wxre to be the portion of Jesus ; 
and Mary's, the immolation of her heart, and the ''sword 
of grief" foretold by the aged Simeon, was to be driven to 
the very hilt into her spotless soul. With the death of St. 
Joseph and the desolate void in her heart created by the 
loss of his kindly companionship the realization sank deeper 
and deeper into her mind that soon she was to be deprived 
also of that other more intimate companionship, that, namely, 
of Jesus, who has now in reality to give himself up entirely 
to "the things of His Father." He was to be the victim ; 
she, the constant, sympathetic, super-suffering witness of 
His trials and death. 


"By the cross her station keeping 

Stood the mournful mother weeping 

Close to Jesus to the last. 

Through her heart, His sorrow sharing 

All His bitter anguish bearing 

Now at length the sword has passed. 

O that blessed one, grief laden 

Blessed mother, blessed maiden, 

Mother of the All-blest One. 

How she stood in desolation 

Upward gazing on the passion 

Of that deathless, dying Son." 

The Rosary Devotions 


18th DAY 

*'And kneeling down He prayed/' — ''And being in 
an agony, He prayed the longer/' Luke 22/41, 43. 


As we devoutly recite the first decade of the Sorrowful 
Mysteries of the rosary, let us strive to conjure up in our 
minds the picture of Jesus praying! Try to see Him kneel- 
ing on the cold ground, His elbows resting on the hard 
dew-damped rock, His sacred hands folded in supplication, 
His upturned eyes gazing piteously towards heaven, His 
fevered lips moving in fervent prayer. It is night. He is 
praying alone. The pale beams of the moon pierce the foliage 
and fall upon His wan face, and disclose to us the agony 
He is enduring. His disciples are asleep ; His friends have 
deserted Him ; one, and only one true and loyal heart is 
beating in love and sympathy and suffering with His — the 
heart of His blessed Mother! Will not that picture aid us 
in our effort to recite with more than ordinary devotion 
this first decade of the sorrowful mysteries? 


"O come unto the Olive Grove 

And see where Jesus kneels : 

The anguish of His Sacred Heart, 

A sweat of blood reveals. 

To comfort Christ an angel came, 

And brought his God reHef ; 

We, too, by love and pray'r may try 

To soothe His bitter grief." 


The Rosary Dcrot'wns 

19th DAY 

"I find no cause of death in I lini ; I will chastise 
llim, therefore, and let Him go." Luke 23/22. 


hi this second of the sorrowful mysteries we see our 
l)lessed Lord fettered to the pillar, His sacred body stripped 
of its clothing, and the rude soldiers with cruel thongs, 
lashing His tender flesh and bruising it until the blood flows. 
The raucous ribaldry of the reckless and unfeeling soldiers 
falls upon the sacred ears of Christ as a hideous accompani- 
ment to the stinging blows that fall upon His gentle body. 
With our attention riveted upon this scene, and with the 
knowledge that our Blessed Lady w^as keenly aware of all 
that was transpiring let us recite this decade in unison with 
her, striving as best we may to alleviate her pain, and solace 
lier afiliction, so far as in our powder lies. 


''Xow watch with tearful eyes the stripes. 

The cruel blows which fall 

On Jesus, as He stands fast bound 

In Pilate's judgment hall. 

Those stripes that shame my sins deserve, 

Why fall they, Lord, on Thee? 

Thy love, my God, thy too great love 

Would l)ear them all for me." 

The Rosary Devotions 


20th DAY 

''And platting a crown of thorns, they put it upon 
His head, and a reed in His right hand, and bowing 
the knee before Him, they mocked Him saying : — 
Hail, King of the Jews." Matt. 27/29. 


What a picture this scene related by St. Matthew places 
before us as w^e recite this third decade of the sorrowful 
mysteries of the rosary ! He Who is really our King, is 
thrust upon a jagged pedestal, crowned with a wreath of 
thorns, furnished with a reed as a sceptre, and subjected to 
the scorn and mockery and ribaldry of a group of soldiers 
who w^ere crude and rough and pitiless ! Keeping that 
picture before our minds, let us reflect for a moment on the 
sorrow and affliction that settled upon the heart of Mary as 
she realized the tortures to wdiich her Divine Son was being 
abased! With a supreme act of self-surrender to the holy 
w^ill of God she steels herself to acquiescence with the 
sublime submission of Her Divine Son in His obedience to 
the will of His heavenly Father. 


''Behold how Jews and soldiers wxave 

For Christ a thorny crow^n. 

And bending on one knee in jest. 

Before His face bow down! 

My Jesus, for each piercing thorn, 

For every jest and smart. 

We still will make fresh acts of love 

To soothe Thy Sacred Heart." 


The Rosary Devotions 

21st DAY 

"And bearing His own cross, He went forth to 
that place which is called Calvary, but in Hebrew 
Golgotha." John 19/17. 


To compel one condemned to death to bear the instrument 
of his execution upon his own shoulders was a most cruel 
and unusual punishment. And yet such was the fiendish 
hatred of the enemies of Christ that this irregular method 
of punishment was inflicted upon Him. Let us try to bring 
before our mind's eye the picture of Christ struggling under 
the weight of the cross, as he totters, stumbles, falls in the 
road, along that first and real 'Svay of the cross.'' How 
the dull thud of the dragging beam beats upon and bruises 
the ears of Mary as she hears and sees that progress ! How 
she longs to be allowed to lend her strength to aid Him! 
But no! Hers is the duty to witness, to sympathize, to 
pray and to endure; to be the ''Mother most Sorrowful.*' 


''With Mary now wx follow Christ, 
He mounts the hill of woe. 
And bears His heavy cross along 
With fainting steps and slow. 
Can we relieve His weary limbs. 
Or ease His racking pain? 
O yes, if we will show Him now 
He did not die in vain." 

The Rosary Devotions 


22nd DAY 

"And when they were come to the place which is 
called Calvary, they crucified Him there; and the 
robbers, one on the right hand and the other on 
the left." Luke 23/33. 


During this decade let us picture to our minds Christ, 
dead upon the cross ! iVs if the indignities and brutalities 
to which He had been subjected were not enough to satisfy 
the brutish instincts of His savage foes the added obloquy 
of execution between two public malefactors was accorded 
Him! "The sword of grief" has at last been driven in, 
up to the very hilt, in Mary's soul. Has its penetration 
opened the way to resentment? No, but to gratitude, be- 
cause finally the mercy of death has been accorded! His 
sufferings have ended — and from Mary's lips there comes 
only petitions pleading for pardon for His executioners! 
Let us gaze earnestly and long at that picture of Mary at 
the foot of the cross, and learn to ''forgive those who 
trespass against us." 


''Stabat Mater dolorosa, 
Juxta crucem lacrymosa, 
Dum pendebat Filius. 

"Cujus animam gementem, 
Constristatem et dolentem, 
Pertransivit gladius. 

''O quam tristis et afflicta, 
Fuit ilia benedicta 
Mater Unigeniti." 


The Rosary Devotions 

23rd DAY 

*'And Joseph taking the body wrapped it up in a 
clean Hnen cloth ; and laid it in his own new monu- 
ment which he had hewed out of a rock." 

Matt. 27/59-60. 


From the death of St. Joseph until the death of Her 
Divine Son, the sorrows of Mary accumulated and intensi- 
fied until beneath — not the shadow — but beneath the cross 
itself the climax of human endurance in suffering was ex- 
perienced by Mary. ''The sword of grief" had pierced her 
soul : and only the gentle but all-powerful hand of her 
Divine Son possessed the strength to dislodge it! He and 
He alone could withdraw that jagged blade from her trans- 
fixed heart. But if Mary's sorrows were unfathomable, the 
glories that awaited her were likewise beyond compute. 
And it is to the mysteries of these glories that we now 
progress in our study of the Holy Rosary. 


"Wliat a sea of tears and sorrows 
Did the soul of Mary toss 
To and fro upon the billows 
While she wept her bitter loss ; 
In her arms her Jesus holding. 
Torn so newly from the cross. 

"O that mournful X^irgin Mother! 
See her tears, how fast they flow 
Down upon His mangled body, 
\\'ounded side, and thorny brow ! 
.While His hands and feet she kisses — 
Picture of immortal woe." 

The Rosary Devotions 


24th DAY 

"And returning they prepared spices and oint- 
ments ;and on the Sabbath day they rested, accord- 
ing to the commandment." Luke 23/56. 


In all the fifteen mysteries of the Holy Rosary, there are 
only two, and they the last two, that belong wholly to Mary 
alone. All the others centre around Jesus, her Divine Son, 
telling of His coming into the world. His sufferings while 
here. His glorious return and triumphant departure. What 
a lesson of unselfishness this teaches us ! Here is a method 
of prayer specifically designed to honor Mary, and she in 
her humility turns the gaze of her faithful clients from 
herself to the One whom she loves most, intentionally di- 
verting our attention from herself to Jesus! "He that is 
Mighty hath done great things to me'' — what greater return 
could Mary make than that which she has made? Trans- 
ferring even her own Holy Rosary to His glory ! 


''Holy Queen we bow before thee 
Queen of purity divine ! 
Make us love thee we implore thee 
Make us truly to be thine. 

'Teach, O teach us, Holy Mother 
How to conquer every sin 
How to love and help each other ; 
How the prize of life to win. 

"Thou to whom a child was given 
Greater than the sons of men 
Coming down from highest heaven, 
To create the world again." 


The Rosary Devotions 

25th DAY 

*'And behold there was a great earthquake. For 
an Angel of the Lord descended from heaven ; and 
coming rolled back the stone, and sat upon it/' — 
"And for fear of him, the guards were struck with 
terror, and became as dead men/' Matt. 28/2, 4. 


The ''sword of grief" has been plucked out; the balm of 
unutterable consolation has been poured in ; the wound of 
Mary's heart is healed, and no scar or spot remains ! Jesus 
her Son is risen and before the Angel has completed the 
rolling back of the stone, Jesus is with Mary consoling her 
as only such a Son can comfort such a mother! Truly 
"The Lord is with thee," Mary, — not now in the concealment 
of the Angel's message, but in the might and triumph of 
Llis glorious resurrection. The atonement is accomplished: 
and the Sacred Redeemer meets, embraces and glorifies the 
Co-Redemptrix of our fallen race. What raptures of love 
pass between them it is not given us to witness. Even the 
Holy Scriptures are silent on this ! Let us cease striving 
to penetrate that sacred scene, and bow our heads in 
humblest prayer of gratitude and faith. 


"The day of days has dawned at last 
And white robed angels say. 
The Lord has left His cold dark grave, 
The stone is rolled away. 

O Mary Magdalen be glad ! 

O loving saint rejoice 

Though blinded by your tears you know 

Your risen Master's voice/' 

The Rosary Devotions 


26th DAY 

''And it came to pass whilst He blessed them, that 
He departed from them and was carried up into 
heaven/' Luke 24/51. 


As we recite this second decade of the Glorious Mysteries 
let us strive to picture that scene on the hill of Bethania. 
Jesus instructs and commissions His Apostles and disciples 
to go into the whole world as witnesses of His words and 
works ; and He promises them that He will be with them 
through all time even to" the consummation of the world. 
He who by His passion and death redeemed the world and 
by His resurrection proved Himself to be God, now blesses 
His faithful followers, and while blessing them — ascends-, 
before their very eyes, — to heaven. And is Mary to ac- 
company Him? No! A new sacrifice is asked of her, the 
sacrifice of fifteen years of separation from Her Divine 
Son ; that she may remain to guide and direct by her example 
and prayer the Infant Church. 


''And now the friends of Jesus come 

With wistful yearning eyes, 

To gaze on their dear Savior's form 

Ascending to the skies. 

He mounts in robes of light arrayed ; 

And Mary stands behind 

For fifteen years to teach them all 

That upward path to find." 


The Rosary Devotions 

27th DAY 

"And there appeared to them cloven tongues as it 
were of fire ; and it sat upon each of them." 

Acts 2/3. 


Uefore the day of His ascension Our Blessed Lord had 
promised that He would ask the Father that '*He shall give 
you another Paraclete, that He may abide with you for 
ever." That Paraclete is a Comforter, an Advocate, because 
by inspiring prayer, he prays, as it were, in us, and pleads 
for us. That Paraclete is the Holy Ghost, and in this third 
decade of the Glorious Mysteries we are asked to picture 
to ourselves the fulfilment of Christ's promise as portrayed 
for us in the Acts of the Apostles. The Holy Ghost des- 
cended upon the Apostles in the form of fiery tongues ; the 
flames representing ardor and power ; and the tongues im- 
plying persuasion and wisdom. Mary, the Spouse of the 
Holy Ghost, is the "Seat of Wisdom." In this decade let 
us beg her to grant us the intelligence needed in our daily 
life, and the courage to use it always. 


''A faithful band had gathered round 

Their Lord's own Mother dear, 

A mighty rushing wind is heard, 

The Paraclete is near. 

Lo ! fiery tongues are resting now 

On every sainted head. 

And since on every Christian soul 

The Spirit's light is shed." 

The Rosary Devotions 


28th DAY 

''Mary was assumed into heaven ; the Angels re- 
joiced, and praising Him, they blessed God." 

Ant. Rom. Breviary, Assumpt. 


For the first time among the fifteen mysteries, we find 
one devoted exclusively to Mary! It is Mary, Mother of 
God, who is carried up by the Angels, and placed upon her 
heavenly throne, whence from henceforth throughout 
eternity she is to reign as "Queen of Angels," Queen of 
heaven and earth. Our Holy Mother the Church sets apart 
the 15th of August as a special holyday, and guarantees 
its observance with the same sanction that she imposes on 
the observance of Sunday ; thereby setting her seal of ap- 
proval on this most Catholic belief, that Mary was taken 
bodily up into heaven ! As we devoutly recite this decade 
let us keep the picture of Mary's triumphal entrance into 
heaven before our minds. 


''Behold that open grave, adorn'd 

With blossoms fair and bright, 

And saints who mourned for Mary, stand 

Enraptur'd with the sight. 

They find her spotless body gone. 

Sweet roses in its place. 

Assumed on high she leaves this world 

To get and give us grace." 


The Rosary Devotions 

29th DAY 

'Thou art exalted, O Mother of God. Above the 
choirs of Angels to the celestial kingdoms/' 

Vers. Rom. Br. (Assumpt.) 


Just as Holy Scripture is silent about the meeting on the 
morning of the Resurrection between Jesus and Mary, so 
too is silence maintained about the Assumption and Corona- 
tion of Mary. But the Church, the infallible representative 
of Christ on earth, speaks in no uncertain terms of both 
events, teaching them through her sanction upon the mys- 
teries of the Holy Rosary, and in many other unmistakable 
ways. In this final decade, let us try to picture for ourselves 
that Coronation ! A Coronation in which the Father crowns 
Mary as His daughter; the Son crowns her as His Mother; 
the Holy Ghost crowns her as His spotless Spouse! while 
the Angels in heavenly chorus sing her praise! 


'*To welcome Mary, Queen of Saints, 

See countless angels throng, 

A glad 'Hail Mary' rends the skies. 

An anthem loud and long. 

See, Jesus crowns His Mother dear 

With rays of purest light 

And Saints and Angels kneel and own 

That Maiden Mother's might." 

The Rosary Devotions 


30th DAY 

"And they were continually in the Temple, praising 
and blessing God. Amen." Luke 24/53. 


As we rapidly gaze back over the scenes and events sug- 
gested by these Glorious Mysteries we cannot fail to be 
impressed with the utter unselfishness of Mary our Mother ! 
Surely we should expect that with the release of her Divine 
Son from His suffering and death, she too would at once 
share in His glory. At the foot of the cross she had been 
given to us, in the person of St. John, as our Mother, and 
that she might prove to us her maternal care for us, she will- 
ingly consents to remain for fifteen long years after the As- 
cension of her Son, here upon earth, to ckre for the Infant 
Church with the same solicitude that she cared for the Child 
Jesus, in the days of His infancy at Bethlehem. What a 
sacrifice that was — the sacrifice of separation, the sacrifice 
of labor! But Mary made it for love of us, her adopted 
children! What shall we do for her? 


''O Mother blest whom God bestows 
On sinners and on just. 
What joy what hope thou givest those 
Who in thy mercy trust ! 
Chorus : — 

''Most holy Mary ! at thy feet 
Thy children bend a suppliant knee ; 
Dear Mother of my God, 
Do thou remember me. 

''Remember, Mary, Virgin fair, 

It never yet was told 

That he who humbly sought thy care. 

Departed unconsoled.'' 


The Rosary Devotions 

3l8t DAY 

''Queen of the most Holy Rosary, pray for us." 

Litany B. V. M. 


The month of October ends to-day, and with it we close 
the beautiful devotion of the Holy Rosary. The Joys, the 
sorrows, the Glories of Mary have been proposed to us for 
our meditation and prayer knd slight indeed has been the 
profit reaped from these suggestions if w^e have not increased 
our love for Mary, and resolved earnestly to strive to imi- 
tate her unselfish generosity. Prayer, labor and sacrifice 
were so constantly practiced by her that they became part 
of her nature. They were habits so thoroughly fixed in 
her life and conduct that we cannot think of her without 
their association. After the Grace of God, and with that 
grace's aid, it was these habits that made her what she is 
to-day, the most perfect of all God's creatures. Prayer, 
labor and sacrifice, in imitation of Mary, will sweeten our 
lives, and render them pleasing to her, and to her Divine 
Son, Jesus. 


''Rose of the cross, thou mystic flower ! 
I lift my heart to thee; 
In every melancholy hour, 
O Mary remember me ! 

"A wanderer here through many a wild, 
Where few their way can see — 
I>loom with thy fragrance on thy child, 
O Mary remember me ! 


The Fragrance of the Little Flower. 

*'A Simple Confession Boo^," by Mother Mary Loyola. 
**A Simple Communion Book," by Mother Mary Loyola. 
**A Simple Confirmation Book," by Mother Mary Loyola. 
*'Anima Christi," a Paraphrase in Prayer. 
**The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius," arranged in 

Conformity with the Will of God," by St. Alphonsus 

*'How to Con\erse with God," by Eev. M. Boutauld, S.J. 
***A Simple Prayer Book." 
Prayer Book." 

***An Explanation of the Prayers and Ceremonies of the 

Mass," by Abbe F. Hallet. 
**A Way of Assisting at Holy Mass," by Eev. G. R. Kingdon, 


"A Little Manual for Hearing Mass Spiritually." 
"Holy Mass," by Mother Mary Loyola. 
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Virgin Mary," by St. Alphonsus M. De Liguori. 
Devotion to the Most Holy Trinity," the Most Sublime of 
All Devotions. 
*' Before the Tabernacle." 
'Manual of the Forty Hours' Adoration," for Catholic 

"The Sacred"^ Heart," by Rev. Richard F. Clarke, S.J. 
"The Precious Blood," by Rev. Richard F. Clarke, S.J. 
"The Catholic Sick Room," by Rev. James F. Splaine, S.J. 
"How to Help the Sick and Dying.** 

"The Living Personality of Christ,** by Rev. Patrick Cleary, 


By Mary Agatha Gray 
*'Our Lady*s Mary" (Baptism) 
"Rocky Mountain Sheep** (Penance) 
"The Wheat Harvest** (Holy Eucharist) 
"The Fire of God*' (Confirmation) 
**The Angel at the Gate** (Extreme Unction) 
**A Mass Priest'* (Holy Orders) 
"A Narrow Escape" (Matrimony) 

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Congratulations and Blessings Received 
on the Silver Jubilee of the 
International Catholic Truth Society 

Rome, Italy, November 4, 1924. 

Patrick Cardinal Hayes, 
Archhishop of New York, 

Your Eminence: 

On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the 
International Catholic Truth Society the Holy 
Father congratulates its officers and members 
for the splendid work in favor of truth. Wishing 
the Society stUl greater success His Holiness 
imparts to them all his Apostolic Benediction, 


Peter Cardinal Gasparri.